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Written by Andy   
Jan 15, 2012 at 19:20

izynote is based on openjdiary and is replacement of openjdiary. You can run like this if you use openjdiary now:

java -jar izynote.jar -r"openjdiary" -f"openjdiary/openjdiary.xml"

Record your daily notes. Create encryption memo to protect your privacy. View blocked web page by transfer from one izyservices. Or update your status to twitter by transfer from one izyservices. Well, please see detail user guide of izynote.

Basic features

Daily record

izynote will create one plain diary text like openjdiary when izynote has launched. This can record your daily work, study and life.

Memo record

By default, izynote has one memo type named General. You can click memo node of left tree. Then use popup menu (right click on the memo node) to create your memo type. And use popup menu of memo type node to create memo record.

Edit plain text file

You can use izynote to open plain text file as normal plain text editor. Click Plain Text node. Then use popup menu to open one plain text file. And your can use main menu File->Open to do this.

Encryption features

Encryption memo

When create memo entry, your can check "Use password" to create one encryption memo.

create encryption memo

The memo will be encrypted by your password. The encryption algorithm is "PBEWithSHA1AndRC2_40".

Transfer features

If your network blocks some web sites, you can not directly visit them. izynote can transfer your request to izyservices. Then izyservices return your request to izynote. So you can view those web sites page by html. And your can transfer twitter api request from izyservices.

Select API to create one twitter option in options of izynote. Like this:

izynote options

Then set your twitter user name. The Server URL of izyservices is one transfer. You can download izyservices from izy integration suite. Put izyservices on your remote web server. Then set the is.php as Server URL of izynote.

Transfer web page by URL from izyservices.

Transfer twitter api request from izyservices.


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